tirsdag den 5. januar 2010


Okay. Work is maybe a bit over the top ;P but but, I did use a little time playing around with embroidering thread and color combos. FYI macro is my friend^^

Colors make me happy and I need that today. So I'm gonna share it with you :)

mandag den 4. januar 2010

... new years reoslutions

Yes. I have four or so I think. I'm not much into resolutions at all. But I think I have a few that actually is possible for me to keep.

1. Using materials from my stash or rather: make some of the projects I have planned and have materials for. I already started^^ The second I started a giant scarf/throw that I have had yarn for, for ages. Not that I'm gonna use it but I really want to try out the pattern. This yarn works wonders for it. It's gonna be 150 cm long and I'm soon to be half way^^
Also I have a couple of pieces of jersey I need to make into a couple of summer dresses for myself. Oh and I have fabric for an adorable spring/summer jacket! I need to make that as well. I'd also like to make Oliver a couple of things. I have fabric for some compfy pants he needs. They'll probably be part of his birthday present or something. Also I have some really wonderful 100% yarn to make into a cowl for him.

2. I want to start blogging about what I do of crafty stuff. I've come to see that I actually get a ton done even though I never feel like it. So hopefully it will help me see it.

3. Knit a sweater/blouse for my self. I've only ever done that once and I've been knitting for 17 years precisely on Wednesday. I already have

4. Learn new technique. I'm already on my way to completing resolution 3 and 4. I have found an adorable sweater pattern that involves colorknit. It's rather amazing that I haven't gotten around to learn colorknit before now, but it has scared me quite a bit as I tried when I was twelve and failed miserably. I have of course started practicing before the test of the sweater with a pair of Totoro Mitts^^