mandag den 24. august 2009

Soft soft soft...

I made a colourful blanket with a cute trim for a sweedish girl named Ann. Im making one for my self later as well though not in these colors. Now it's done I actually wish I was making mine in those colors. Calm yet playful.

lørdag den 22. august 2009

Sad Saturday...

Yeah. I'm sitting home alone on a Saturday night. The boys just left to go down town for dinner and a movie. I feel sorta abandoned :(
I checked if there were any movies that would be worth seeing but they only showed Harry Potter and that was a 100kr ($20). Which is a bit too much for my budget these days.
I'm not in the mood for dinner. I hate being dependent on Oliver to eat. I just don't feel hungry when I have to eat alone and I simply forget it.

mandag den 17. august 2009

New colourful fabrics...

Mmmm colour. Mmmm fabrics. Mmmmine!

I went fabric shopping for a swap and of course I found a ton of other wonderful fabrics. I love colours and colours combined. They don't have a specific purpose yet but I'm not doubting that will come. Until then I'll just use them for eyecandy.

If you have suggestions for what to make with them please add a comment!