tirsdag den 16. juni 2009


I spend the Saturday doing nothing but sneezing. On Sunday I was completely busted. I was totally dried out and my belly was all cramped up. Monday I went to school but phew I was busted when I came home. I had intended to do several things today, but I ended up sleeping most of the day away. Which was totally nice. I only snotted and coughed today so that's nice.

It sounds waay worse than it is. I'm used to it after a 22 years with it. But it's still annoying. I had hoped to do a little more school but it's far from a problem. I'm almost as ready as I can be for the critic on Thursday. I only need to put something on to a piece of cardboard and sew a pocket. No biggie I'll have tomorrow to take care of that^^

søndag den 7. juni 2009

Plants from Botanischer Garten

And now for some of the plants that I found interesting and some extremely inspiring:

Flowers in Botanischer Garten, Berlin

On my studytrip to Berlin with the school I went out on my own one day to see the Botanischer Garten south of Mitte. This was without a doubt the highlight of my trip. I got there before anyone else arrived and about two hours with the plants, the birds and the gardeners. It was so serene and peaceful, it was completely like meditation.

So here is my first post of pictures - there are SO many. I am not kidding! This is the actual colors! ^^

Hope you can get a glimpse of my experience!