torsdag den 21. maj 2009


Hello and welcome!

This is my very first blog entry in my new blog. This blog will be for me to post my thoughts and projects and what I might find of nice things to post.

I've finally found a name for my blog that I actually like which have taken a really long time so I hope you will find the name as appealing as I do. I also hope it will make you think a bit as it made me when I first found it. In the seams of my mind is a line from a song. First time I heard the song I was working on a project and therefore not really listening - except from that one line.
It's a quote from ''For Katie" by Kimya Dawson, an American singer-songwriter who make the nicest little quirky songs.
they caught us and brought us back to their world
that's when i decided the only place i could hide
was in the stories and dreams in the seams of my mind
i was so busy dreaming, running from demons
i didn't even hear you screaming
I hope you enjoy my babbling and that you'll find your way back here again.

Love, Anne

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