fredag den 25. december 2009

...kitten where art thou?!

No matter how much cats fight, there always seems to be plenty of kittens.
Abraham Lincoln

He is so right, the old guy. But dammit! Where are they! I need them! Naow. Plx.

søndag den 13. december 2009


Yes, as the title says..or should I say asks.. I'm pondering making an etsy shop. Though I can't seem to make up my mind. I don't know if I should or not.
I feel soo much like a rooky at this. It feels so strange actually thinking about selling things I make. My biggest problems is pricing and such. Selling my self n stuff. Oh God! My heart starts racing just from the thought of it.

Should, should not?

Christmas fair...

So this year I actually participated in my schools Christmas fair. Which to me is actually a really big thing. Despite the time it takes to get all of your stuff done the most difficult thing was more the daunting thought of having to sit and sell your stuff.

I sold knitted scarfs, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and nisser. Here a couple of pictures of my stand and goods:

Necklace scarfs. Hand knitted string of ca. 10 meters put together into one warm beautiful necklace

The three-in-one scarf. Three piece scarf with multiple possibilities. Two pieces of 50 cm and one of 90 cm. Together making a long regular scarf.

søndag den 8. november 2009

...autumn colors

Flowers from the boyfriend!^^ Wonderfully rich orange toned flowers. Totally autumn!

fredag den 6. november 2009

...the worlds first ever popcorns!

Yup! I'm telling you I made my first (successful) batch of popcorn ever!

I can do a lot of strange and silly things but there is a few things I just can't do if my life depended on it. Popcorn being one of them.

BUT! I made my first and almost perfect batch ^^ I had to look at them the hole time but there was only two un-popped corns in the entire bowl :D I liek! Oh and the tast of the fruits was soo tasty.

mandag den 24. august 2009

Soft soft soft...

I made a colourful blanket with a cute trim for a sweedish girl named Ann. Im making one for my self later as well though not in these colors. Now it's done I actually wish I was making mine in those colors. Calm yet playful.

lørdag den 22. august 2009

Sad Saturday...

Yeah. I'm sitting home alone on a Saturday night. The boys just left to go down town for dinner and a movie. I feel sorta abandoned :(
I checked if there were any movies that would be worth seeing but they only showed Harry Potter and that was a 100kr ($20). Which is a bit too much for my budget these days.
I'm not in the mood for dinner. I hate being dependent on Oliver to eat. I just don't feel hungry when I have to eat alone and I simply forget it.

mandag den 17. august 2009

New colourful fabrics...

Mmmm colour. Mmmm fabrics. Mmmmine!

I went fabric shopping for a swap and of course I found a ton of other wonderful fabrics. I love colours and colours combined. They don't have a specific purpose yet but I'm not doubting that will come. Until then I'll just use them for eyecandy.

If you have suggestions for what to make with them please add a comment!

onsdag den 22. juli 2009

My Favorite Mug...

Yes, the title says the lot. Or almost. The amazing thing about this mug is not just the tail-handle but that it fills up with hot cocoa every morning and sometimes later in the day. As right now. I'm writing this and waiting for the cocoa to cool off a bit...

...AU! I just burned my tongue >_<

tirsdag den 16. juni 2009


I spend the Saturday doing nothing but sneezing. On Sunday I was completely busted. I was totally dried out and my belly was all cramped up. Monday I went to school but phew I was busted when I came home. I had intended to do several things today, but I ended up sleeping most of the day away. Which was totally nice. I only snotted and coughed today so that's nice.

It sounds waay worse than it is. I'm used to it after a 22 years with it. But it's still annoying. I had hoped to do a little more school but it's far from a problem. I'm almost as ready as I can be for the critic on Thursday. I only need to put something on to a piece of cardboard and sew a pocket. No biggie I'll have tomorrow to take care of that^^

søndag den 7. juni 2009

Plants from Botanischer Garten

And now for some of the plants that I found interesting and some extremely inspiring:

Flowers in Botanischer Garten, Berlin

On my studytrip to Berlin with the school I went out on my own one day to see the Botanischer Garten south of Mitte. This was without a doubt the highlight of my trip. I got there before anyone else arrived and about two hours with the plants, the birds and the gardeners. It was so serene and peaceful, it was completely like meditation.

So here is my first post of pictures - there are SO many. I am not kidding! This is the actual colors! ^^

Hope you can get a glimpse of my experience!

fredag den 29. maj 2009

New header...

Yup. I made a new and more personal header. Very simple: it's an old drawing that I cropped and coloured a bit in PS. That had to be a first timer or something. I'm pretty glad with the outcome of the drawing but I'm still not quite sure of the lettering. Maybe it should be a little slimmer?

I'll let it stay and see if I decide on something else.

Love, Anne

torsdag den 21. maj 2009

I want to start drawing again...


Hello and welcome!

This is my very first blog entry in my new blog. This blog will be for me to post my thoughts and projects and what I might find of nice things to post.

I've finally found a name for my blog that I actually like which have taken a really long time so I hope you will find the name as appealing as I do. I also hope it will make you think a bit as it made me when I first found it. In the seams of my mind is a line from a song. First time I heard the song I was working on a project and therefore not really listening - except from that one line.
It's a quote from ''For Katie" by Kimya Dawson, an American singer-songwriter who make the nicest little quirky songs.
they caught us and brought us back to their world
that's when i decided the only place i could hide
was in the stories and dreams in the seams of my mind
i was so busy dreaming, running from demons
i didn't even hear you screaming
I hope you enjoy my babbling and that you'll find your way back here again.

Love, Anne